Modern Art in the streets of Prague – the list of 10 favorite David Cerny’s sculptures

David Cerny, an internationally famous sculptor, born in the Czech Republic in 1967 this year celebrates his 50’s birthday.

Whole life, whole time David Cerny’s art is controversial, provocative and monumental. According to his sculptures that is the meaning of art itself. That is how Art should be. Meaning, this is what a modern artist should do; provoke, question, sublime… David Cerny is very politically and socially engaged through his art. He points, he criticizes and he laughs… He reveals art from museums and places it straight to society in the parks, streets, building facades….


Hunter boots- Fashionable rainy and festival style


Hunter - British rubber boot company
Hunter – British rubber boot company since 1865. making famous  “Hunter boots”

Rubber boots no one would ever consider elegant, stylish yet royal if you exclude Hunter boots company. An Edinburgh-based company produces rubber boots since early 1865. At previous temps, it was only for war purposes but these days it is pure fashion. High fashion designers like Jimmy Choo got the collaboration with Hunter company.


Rei Kawakubo – dekonstruktivna dizajnerica zbog koje se ne pita da li je moda umjetnost

Muzej Metropolitan u New Yorku ovaj je mjesec otvorio izložbu posvećenu radu dizajnerice Rei Kawakubo.

Rei Kawakubo exhibition in Met MUseum, New York
Rei Kawakubo’s exhibition in Met Museum, New York

Rei Kawakubo je rođena u Japanskom glavnom gradu 1942. godine. Krajem 60-ih godina radila je kao freelance stilist. Iako nema formalno obrazovanje na području tekstila vrlo skoro osniva brand COMME des GARÇONS.


New collection

Black/green pencil skirt
 black/green pencil
Black/green pencil skirt


Fashion history; the story about Adidas and Puma

Adidas and Puma -storytelling part two

Adidas slippers - home necessities
Adidas slippers – home necessities

Around 100 years ago in a German town called Herzogenaurach lived Dassler family. Mother, father, a daughter and three sons. Their mother owned laundry service and father worked in a shoe fabric with his eldest son Fritz. Other two sons and daughter engaged to help their mother with laundry services.