A story telling Saturday evening; the story about brothers feud behind Adidas and Puma establishing history

Family feud as a part of fashion history

Adidas slippers

Adidas slippers

A few days ago.  last Saturday. I called my niece just for a regular day- chat  ( sometimes I hate not being around)… this little chat becomes a two-hour phone call.  Here is the story how our call grew into a story about Adidas and Puma history.

At one moment I was telling her some story and start acting with a strange voice which happened she liked very much and starts pleasing “repeat! repeat! do it again! come on do it again!” though, it was Saturday night I decided not to go out. Sent a message to my friend hanging in a bar with some friends already and said: “I am staying home”. Meantime, we – my niece and me- started to tell stories to each other. We were inventing some short stories just for fun. At a certain point, she told some story about two brothers/friends and their feud..  (she wasn’t very sure about their relationship that is why she was changing it. Friends are like brothers and luckily brothers are friends. But that is not the topic, right? Lol…).

Her story is not the story I want to tell you but at the moment she mentioned two brothers feud she reminded me about one very private party I attended during my college days where we happened to be and the movie about Dasslers was put on the screen at one point…and I watched it for the first time. Even though, the story remained in my head years and years after (ok. maybe not so many years. Just years after..;)

And the next story I want to share here is about Dassler brothers – establishers of two giants sports brands and market rivals ever after.

here is the story… the story about Adidas and Puma establishing history part 2. is coming in few days, too.

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