Graffiti Art- Contemporary art equalized as crime and vandalism

Banksy's graffiti work of art

Banksy’s graffiti work of art

There are some graffiti art festivals going on and finalizing these days. You can check “Grafiti na gradele” (Croatia). After visiting one, found my favorite “piece of graffiti art” standing in my room.  It was already prepared (not consciously)  as a part of style combination for next shooting.  Finally, at the end of the day, opened some news pages and saw it.  Banksys’ new exhibition happening in London – absolutely stranded by Graffiti today…


Probably the World most intrigue and famous graffiti artist. He was born in  Bristol, UK. His career started as a member of one Bristol’s graffiti crew in early 90’s and soon becomes distinctive member forming Bristol underground scene.

He is socially engaged and critically reviewing politics and society scene through his art. The main motive in his artwork is usually anti-war, anti-capitalism or anti-establishment message.

banksy-graffiti art

Banksy-graffiti art

In his work, he is mostly using stencil technique.  He explained, it is faster and is exactly what he needed often running from the police.

Except for his artwork, he becomes “famous” for hiding his identity and insisting on keeping his anonymous status.  It led to many story-constructing around his identity. The secrecy is needed as graffiti art is considered more as crime and vandalism than art.

Graffiti as the street voice

Considering graffiti art as a voice of middle class or underclass society he often points out the underclass problems, political issues, and poor economic status.

Banksy’s graffiti art have the voice of the oppressed around the world.  He stands out for war victims, animals rights, the victims of sexual abuses, etc. Pointing out the oppression and injustice of establishments. He criticizes and satirizes the consumerism. Greed. The artificial creation of poverty.  Fascism. Imperialism and other social illnesses.
Even though Banksy’s work as an artist is highly valuable and recognized. His artworks are sold for highly respectable amounts and won several prizes for his work. Banksy, even, got the award for Art’s Greatest living Briton.  Which he did not, actually, collect in order to keep his identity hidden. He was, also, nominated for Oscar in the category for the best Documentary movie in 2010.

There’s a pretty big Banksy exhibition coming to London in July. But if you will not be able to visit  Lazinc Gallery in period Jul 12-Aug 25 for any reasons, you can calm your hunger for street art watching the movie he directed ( Exit Through the Gift Shop) or you can see  how he arranged his Hotel in Bethlehem.

What do I love about Banksy?

I love his socially engaged artworks. Stencil technique. Subversive messages. Consciousness in approach to contemporary art and criticism in it. Even love the fuss about his identity.  There is the theory that his real name is Robert Del Naja. World famous Massive Atack’s frontman. This one is my favorite theory of Banksys’ identity. You dig and find out what’s yours.

Banksy's butterfly girl suicide - stencil graffitiBanksy's graffiti work of art

Banksy’s butterfly girl suicide – stencil graffiti

The most precious Banksy’s work for me is this one above. I have it printed on a tee. One of my favorite tee’s.

Oldie but goldie- the souvenir from London trip. Thanks, D.

Stay tuned for Banksy inspired outfits and some stencils I found in this town.  Coming soon.

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