Street fashion inspired by Jane Birkin’s style

Legendary Jane Birkin inspired high street fashion brands. These are some Jane’s inspirational outfits.

For more you can look here 

You can look alike – here are some shopping tips and you will look like a star. Style star indeed.  All you need is look for raw ham jeans, flower skirt, trapeze pants, block heels shoes, straw bags, t-shirts and gingham prints. Or you can DIY with a pair of scissors, a pair of vintage jeans from your wardrobe and t-shirts.

I have found some items inspired by her style in local high street fashion stores like Zara, Mango, H&M or Asos. Even, legendary Gucci‘s shoes are back again.

Gucci`s blocked heels moccasine


gucci`s moccasine


Moccasines loafer shoes, raw jeans ham, fishnet socks

Trend of the season loaffers, raw ham jeans, fishnet socks

Straw bag

Straw bag – Diva bag

wide leg trousers

Trapezes – wide leg trousers

flower dress - all seasons item

Flower dress –

flower eimbrodery on the jeans skirt

Jeans skirt with flower embroidery

Jeans trapeses pants

jeans trapezes

ruffled, little black dress

Ruffled little black dress

flowered dress, sock shoes, wide sleeves

flowered sock shoes and wide sleeves dress

block heels, shoes, Zara

Block heel, Zara

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