Bloggers closet – roadtrip travel with style

A sneak peek into bloggers closet. A photo diary from Fashionbourg’s traveling backpack.

The list of  winter bloggers closet necessities I packed on my 3-week road trip

Reebok classic – comfy and good looking  sneakers are needed for long city walks

Timberland shoes – Winter won’t stop my wanderlust.  Ready for snow angels.

Warm waterproof jacket

Jeans – row edge trapeze jeans  for the ultimate trend  (Replay), destroyed and redesign comfy boyfriend-cut jeans

gingham patterned pants ( no iron, easy pack) – Fashionbourg’s design ( look our shop)

Jeans jacket – Fashionbourgs redesign ( custom made available)

Mediterranean style stripes – travel with ease. Always stylish as Coco is.

Rock the style with a black leather jacket, Pepe Jeans

Teddy bear coat  (Fashionbourg design – on demand )

flower pants, H&

Adidas thighs

vetements socks for excellent Balkan/Gopnik style

Vetement sock
Vetement-Demna Gvasalia- Balenciaga -socks

Banksy  white t-shirt – classy attitude

a cap  – gingham pattern, Pepe Jeans London

bags bags bags – well… it requires it’s own post

What’s your favorite pick? do you prefer winter or summer vacation packing? Check this post and see the difference in my case

Some of these you can order if you contact us.




Graffiti Art- Contemporary art equalized as crime and vandalism

Banksy's graffiti work of art
Banksy’s graffiti work of art

There are some graffiti art festivals going on and finalizing these days. You can check “Grafiti na gradele” (Croatia). After visiting one, found my favorite “piece of graffiti art” standing in my room.  It was already prepared (not consciously)  as a part of style combination for next shooting.  Finally, at the end of the day, opened some news pages and saw it.  Banksys’ new exhibition happening in London – absolutely stranded by Graffiti today…


Probably the World most intrigue and famous graffiti artist. (more…)