Do you know the cravat fashion history

The symbolism of the cravat in today’s world is multiple and probably well known but what do you know about its origins? Do you know the cravat homeland and history?

The story says that it originates from a French Royal Regent back in 17. century. Even though I said French actually it was a foreign regent established in 1664. year originally from Croatia (employed by France for 30- year war purposes ).

This army soon becomes very noticeable by war accomplishments but also by a striking fashion statement shawl around the neck.

The red shawl becomes noticeable as a symbol of the Croat regent during the war and the regent simply become known as “Royal Cravates”.

After that war, during the time, the “red shawl” evolves into a garment we all today know as a CRAVAT.

Cravat fashion history facts
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