If you are craving for new bold trends this is the right place to be.

We are presenting Fashionbourg’s cloth label; Tink@dsgn. Take a peek in ” looks ” on this site and be free to follow us on Instagram for daily updates.

višeslojna Suknja od tila ( Tulle skirt) najbolji izbor za damski izlazak i svečane prilike. Fashion label with attitude.
Suknja od tila – suknja za sve prigode (tulle skirt) by Fashionbourg

We are crafting cloth and we can sew your own uniqueness: just choose to stand out and dare. Be bold to wear Fashionbourg’s designs and stand out from the crowd wherever is that you are standing at that very moment.

Female suits by Tink@dsgn. New fashion label is made in Croatia. Focusing on custom made approach  and unique design.
Best style – female summer suits by Fashionbourg

Sculptured art on my way – meet Skopje

Last year I traveled to Prague and found quite interesting sculptured art made by David Cerny.  This year I took the trip to Northern Macedonia capital city. Skopje is known by thousands of sculptures and monumental architecture.

Let’s check what sculptured and sacral architecture art I met on my travel to Zagreb – Osijek – Skopje -Belgrade – Linz – Vienna.

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Ferragosto Jam – fotopriča iz Rijeke i sa Rječine

Rijeka photocollage
Rijeka photo collage

Započeti godišnji u Rijeci, hm… iako je, apsolutna preporuka posjetiti trsatsku gradinu. Baš na današnji dan, osim ako Vam je isključiva namjera sudjelovati u  obilježavanju blagdana Vele Gospe, bolje je preskočiti zbog velike gužve…ali samu gradinu ili “Trsatski Kaštel” svakako vrijedi posjetiti. Sa Kaštela, koji je jedna od najstarijih srednjovjekovnih utvrda Primorja, pruža  se kolosalan pogled na cijeli  zaljev i na Stari grad.

Ono što nemojte preskočiti je djir po Korzu, Molo Longo, Stari grad.

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Splash of festival style on Seasplash music festival

I was asked, once, what would I pack if I would have “five” minutes to do it. This time packing for the Seasplash music festival in Fort Punt Christo near Pula was something like that. Besides few essentials like the tent, hammock, gas bottles, head lamp, drinking water, teeth brush, food, beach towel and few other things needed for camping…this is what I packed, beside my survival toolkit:

Festival fashion, seasplash
Summer trends, straw Fedora hat,Seasplash festival fashion, Fashionbourg style

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Modern Art in the streets of Prague – the list of 10 favorite David Cerny’s sculptures

David Cerny, an internationally famous sculptor, born in the Czech Republic in 1967 this year celebrates his 50’s birthday.

Whole life, whole time David Cerny’s art is controversial, provocative and monumental. According to his sculptures that is the meaning of art itself. That is how Art should be. Meaning, this is what a modern artist should do; provoke, question, sublime… David Cerny is very politically and socially engaged through his art. He points, he criticizes and he laughs… He reveals art from museums and places it straight to society in the parks, streets, building facades….

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