If you are craving for new bold trends this is the right place to be.

We are presenting Fashionbourg’s cloth label; Tink@dsgn. Take a peek in ” looks ” on this site and be free to follow us on Instagram for daily updates.

višeslojna Suknja od tila ( Tulle skirt) najbolji izbor za damski izlazak i svečane prilike. Fashion label with attitude.
Suknja od tila – suknja za sve prigode (tulle skirt) by Fashionbourg

We are crafting cloth and we can sew your own uniqueness: just choose to stand out and dare. Be bold to wear Fashionbourg’s designs and stand out from the crowd wherever is that you are standing at that very moment.

Female suits by Tink@dsgn. New fashion label is made in Croatia. Focusing on custom made approach  and unique design.
Best style – female summer suits by Fashionbourg
Female padded suit by Fashionbourg's fashion label Tink@dsgn is made in Croatia.
Padded black/white women suit designed by Fashionbourg

The suits from the actual collection are made of cotton in very small series to provide your uniqueness and empower individuality of a wearer. Hand sewn finishings are elements borrowed from High fashion techniques and Custom made used in order to improve the quality of the garment. The aim is to achieve wearers constant pleasure and durability of the garment to need no other for years. It is to say “live happily ever after” between the wearer and the garment is what the Fashionbourg’s label is thinking while designing.

Business class - hlače na crtu za upečatljiv business look ali i za  druge prigode.  
Cratian fashion label Tink@dsgn made for Fashionbourg's "Blogger Closet".
Plaid “business pants” designed for bold attitude no one will overlook by Tink@dsgn for Fashionbourg

Coming more stunning styles…Enjoy and be inspired.

All photos are made by Marko Dimić

summer shorts. Casual and trendy summer pants you can combine with bating suits, high heels or comfy mocassins for a bold style in every port. Get inspiration from Tink@dsgn.
Striped navy blue/white cotton shorts designed by Tink@dsgn for Fashionbourg Price: 180.00 HRKn.
  • Style essentials are striped white/blue comfy pants,espadrilles, a cropped blouse and bold head wrap for Diva look where ever you lean this summer. Copy this Tink@dsgn style and you'll get mistaken for a famous star in Cannes.

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