Graffiti Art- Contemporary art equalized as crime and vandalism

Banksy's graffiti work of art
Banksy’s graffiti work of art

There are some graffiti art festivals going on and finalizing these days. You can check “Grafiti na gradele” (Croatia). After visiting one, found my favorite “piece of graffiti art” standing in my room.  It was already prepared (not consciously)  as a part of style combination for next shooting.  Finally, at the end of the day, opened some news pages and saw it.  Banksys’ new exhibition happening in London – absolutely stranded by Graffiti today…


Probably the World most intrigue and famous graffiti artist. He was born in  Bristol, UK. His career started as a member of one Bristol’s graffiti crew in early 90’s and soon becomes distinctive member forming Bristol underground scene.

He is socially engaged and critically reviewing politics and society scene through his art. The main motive in his artwork is usually anti-war, anti-capitalism or anti-establishment message.

banksy-graffiti art
Banksy-graffiti art

In his work, he is mostly using stencil technique.  He explained, it is faster and is exactly what he needed often running from the police.

Except for his artwork, he becomes “famous” for hiding his identity and insisting on keeping his anonymous status.  It led to many story-constructing around his identity. The secrecy is needed as graffiti art is considered more as crime and vandalism than art.

Graffiti as the street voice

Considering graffiti art as a voice of middle class or underclass society he often points out the underclass problems, political issues, and poor economic status.

Banksy’s graffiti art have the voice of the oppressed around the world.  He stands out for war victims, animals rights, the victims of sexual abuses, etc. Pointing out the oppression and injustice of establishments. He criticizes and satirizes the consumerism. Greed. The artificial creation of poverty.  Fascism. Imperialism and other social illnesses.
Even though Banksy’s work as an artist is highly valuable and recognized. His artworks are sold for highly respectable amounts and won several prizes for his work. Banksy, even, got the award for Art’s Greatest living Briton.  Which he did not, actually, collect in order to keep his identity hidden. He was, also, nominated for Oscar in the category for the best Documentary movie in 2010.

There’s a pretty big Banksy exhibition coming to London in July. But if you will not be able to visit  Lazinc Gallery in period Jul 12-Aug 25 for any reasons, you can calm your hunger for street art watching the movie he directed ( Exit Through the Gift Shop) or you can see  how he arranged his Hotel in Bethlehem.

What do I love about Banksy?

I love his socially engaged artworks. Stencil technique. Subversive messages. Consciousness in approach to contemporary art and criticism in it. Even love the fuss about his identity.  There is the theory that his real name is Robert Del Naja. World famous Massive Atack’s frontman. This one is my favorite theory of Banksys’ identity. You dig and find out what’s yours.

Banksy's butterfly girl suicide - stencil graffitiBanksy's graffiti work of art
Banksy’s butterfly girl suicide – stencil graffiti

The most precious Banksy’s work for me is this one above. I have it printed on a tee. One of my favorite tee’s.

Oldie but goldie- the souvenir from London trip. Thanks, D.

Stay tuned for Banksy inspired outfits and some stencils I found in this town.  Coming soon.

Head to toe in stripes. This is ultimate Summer trend

The stripes are never out of fashion.

Inspirational summer trend from Fashionbourg’s collection is this maxi dress.

Stay tuned for more or check our Instagram profile and take a sneak-peak into blogger’s wardrobe on daily bases.

Summer style dress
Summer trend

Autumn style in the streets of Prague

Lennon´s wall in Prague is place where fashion meets Art

Following the steps of Autumn street style in Prague lead us in front of Lennon’s wall where Art and Fashion  entrevue.

People of Prague
People of Prague, Hello
People of Prague, Autumn ColorsPeople of Prague, Autumn Colors
People of Prague, Autumn Colors


It`s October; beer time. Meet Daphne Guinness

The honorable Guinness

Due to October premise in Europe – October fest and similar beer festivals around the continent- Guinness heiress and outstanding fashion figure crossed my mind. Guinness?Daphne Guinness!

Daphne Guinness - Wizard
Daphne Guinness – Wizard

Considering her self an artist. She is designers muse. Couture collector. A singer.  A fashion designer. She is Daphne Guinness –  the eccentric heiress of Guinness brewery.  A remarkable figure, an eternal inspiration for fashion.


Vetements “Post Soviet Fashion” is the biggest trend

Demna Gvasalia – artistic director of Balenciaga and Vetements collective head designer is one of those who shape the world of fashion.

Demna Gvasalia Vetements / Balenciaga
David Sims photo

If you do have any interest, at all, in fashion business you already know everything about Balenciaga. And if your interest is real, you know something about Demna Gvasalia, too.  At least you know that Demna is young Greogian designer shaping the world of fashion in multiple ways. Bringing some new disorder in the fashion world, confronting old/new systems in fashion. (more…)

All-Star Converse is celebrating 100 years in fashion

All-Star Converse Shoes – Designed for Eternity

Chuck Taylor`s All-Star Converse shoe Celebrates first 100 years in 2017.


Muška moda- što se nosi ove sezone

Muška moda i stilovi za jesen

Muška moda


Modna skalinada u “Gradu koji teče”

Tradicionalna modna manifestacija  “Riječke stepenice”  uspješno ušla u drugo desetljeće

“Riječke stepenice” – Modna manifestacija  koja je  11-u godinu za redom održana na stepenicama u centru grada predstavila je nove kolekcije već poznatih modnih kuća i dizajnera.

Scena prije "Scene"
Scena – prije Scene


Splash of festival style on Seasplash music festival

I was asked, once, what would I pack if I would have “five” minutes to do it. This time packing for the Seasplash music festival in Fort Punt Christo near Pula was something like that. Besides few essentials like the tent, hammock, gas bottles, head lamp, drinking water, teeth brush, food, beach towel and few other things needed for camping…this is what I packed, beside my survival toolkit:

Festival fashion, seasplash
Summer trends, straw Fedora hat,Seasplash festival fashion, Fashionbourg style


Street fashion inspired by Jane Birkin’s style

Legendary Jane Birkin inspired high street fashion brands. These are some Jane’s inspirational outfits.

For more you can look here 

You can look alike – here are some shopping tips and you will look like a star. Style star indeed.  All you need is look for raw ham jeans, flower skirt, trapeze pants, block heels shoes, straw bags, t-shirts and gingham prints. Or you can DIY with a pair of scissors, a pair of vintage jeans from your wardrobe and t-shirts.

I have found some items inspired by her style in local high street fashion stores like Zara, Mango, H&M or Asos. Even, legendary Gucci‘s shoes are back again.