Splash of festival style on Seasplash music festival

I was asked, once, what would I pack if I would have “five” minutes to do it. This time packing for the Seasplash music festival in Fort Punt Christo near Pula was something like that. Besides few essentials like the tent, hammock, gas bottles, head lamp, drinking water, teeth brush, food, beach towel and few other things needed for camping…this is what I packed, beside my survival toolkit:

Festival fashion, seasplash

Summer trends, straw Fedora hat,Seasplash festival fashion, Fashionbourg style

I packed; straw Fedora hat,  Lennon sunglasses, the All Stars, very old, wander lusting sneakers, bikini, Picasso “beach “bag (a souvenir bag from the Picasso exhibition I bought a few years ago) a long dress and a silky navy blue vest an old lady made for me and a flower, light cotton scarf ( head wrap, day-dress, beach wrap- multi purpose use…)

Seasplash festival fashion

Seasplash festival style

These Adidas slides, considered as a festival everlasting fashion trend. I noticed them laying aside, while the owner was chilling on the straw beside beach floor on Seasplash festival. I simply could not resist taking a photo of. love them.

Summer fashion, festival trends, adidas slides

festival fashion, Adidas slippers, summer fashion, festival trends

These t-shirts are waving in the wind until becoming someone’s favorite Seasplash summer souvenir.

Seasplash festival fashion, festival t-shirt style, soundsystem t-shirts,

Festivals are all about music, love, nature, parties… fashion goes around comes around but it is not a thing to stress about. Not if you are around reggae music, crickets, open sky, the sun and blue sea splashing under feets.Parties at Fort Punta Cristo Pula, Štinjan

Back to the roots style

summer trends, reggae tribe fashion, red yellow green hits the season, back to the roots style

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